Our vision is to make a real difference to the communities we serve, so community is at the heart of everything we do together with our members.

How we help charities and community causes

Giving back is at the heart of our values. We support various worthy causes through:

As well as putting the local community at our heart, our business focuses on environmental responsibility, animal welfare, ethical trading, and choosing Fairtrade when we buy from producers in the developing world.

2020 in our community

It’s hard to remember a time before Covid-19, but 2020 started out like any other year for us.
But our work to help support local charities and causes in our communities still continued.

During 2020 we:

  1. donated over £187,000 to charities and organisations in the Channel Islands
  2. supported 231 local charities and organisations through our charity initiatives

We think it's important to thank each and every one of our colleagues for their continuous hard work and long hours serving our island communities. 

We would like to say thank you to our customers and members, for your support and patience in such testing times.

To us, belonging is everything, and we’re proud that we're making a real difference to our island communities.

Our community pillars

We aim to put our local co-operative at the heart of the community by following our three community pillars.

We create society links with the community by:

  • making more communities accessible
  • championing community initiatives in-store
  • make it easy for our members to donate to community initiatives

We champion key community topics like:

  • the islands aging population
  • the health and wellbeing of islanders
  • local social inclusion
  • the impact on our next generation

We promote the Co-op way by: