Benefits of being a member

Being a locally owned, community retailer with a membership of over 125,000, becoming a member of the Channel Islands Co-operative Society gives you the opportunity to belong and be part of something bigger.

Membership is open to Channel Island residents, who are over 16 years of age. Membership is subject to completion of the Society’s application process and investing £1 to buy your share, means you can become a member of the Society. Your share gives you a say on how the Society is run and you receive dividend on qualifying purchases you make in-store, on-line or when you use our Pharmacy Locale or our funeral services.

A share of the profits

Once you become a member, you will be issued with a share number which you need to quote each time you make a purchase from us

For every pound you spend with us on qualified purchases, you will earn dividend. This dividend will be paid to your share account once approved by members at our Annual Meeting of Members (AMM), held in in the second quarter of each year.

Your dividend value is automatically calculated during the trading year, which ends on the second Sunday in January. You can draw your dividend after the AMM or leave it in your share account to gain interest.


The following are not qualifying purchases, and dividend does not accrue on them:

  1. Gift Vouchers
  2. Guernsey Electricity Key Card
  3. Home Delivery Charges
  4. Lottery Tickets
  5. Parking Paycards
  6. Pay as you go SIM and Top Up Cards (Airtel, JT & Sure)
  7. Petrol
  8. Postage Stamps
  9. School Bus Tickets
  10. Recycling bag labels (in Guernsey)