Benefits of being a member


We have recently announced that our bonus double dividend days, which were already paused due to COVID-19 safety regulations, will not be reinstated. We will continue to offer members the 1% loyalty bonus dividend every day of the week on top of the usual 4% dividend on qualifying purchases. In place of stamps, members will be able to view their accrued benefits on the member portal, creating a modern and future proofed approach to collecting bonus dividend.  More information on these changes can be found on our FAQs page.

We’re owned by a membership of more than 125,000, so being a member of the Channel Islands Co-operative Society gives you the opportunity to belong and be part of something bigger.

Being a member of the Society means you have a share in the business. You have a say on how it’s run and receive dividend on qualifying purchases you make in-store or when you use our Pharmacy Locale or our funeral services.

If you are over 16 years of age and a resident in the Channel Islands, by investing £1 in a share of your Co-operative, you can become a member and save as you spend with dividend.

A share number will be given to you once you’ve joined and every time you quote this number at our tills, you’ll receive 4p for every pound you spend on qualifying products. During January to November, you’ll also receive a bonus dividend of 1% on qualifying purchases every day of the week. This 1% will be paid into your bonus dividend pot where you can either transfer to your share account to earn interest, or take it out as cash at any one of our member service counters.

Your earned dividend will be paid into your account as a lump sum after the Annual Meeting of Members (AMM). You can draw your dividend as cash from any Society Post Office counters (click here to view our locations), leave it in your share account to gain interest or have it paid to you as store vouchers.

We also pay interest on accumulated savings in your Share Account. This is paid in January each year. The maximum balance you can have in your Class A Share Account is £25,000. Current interest rates can be viewed by clicking here.

You can pay cash, stamps or cheques into your Share Account, however, please note we do not accept third party deposits of any nature into Members Share Accounts. Any savings added to your Share Account can only be made by yourself at the Counter and any cheques paid in, must be from a Bank Account in your own name.

After six months of Provisional Membership (where you will still be earning dividend on your purchases), you will become a Full Member of the Society and entitled to all of the benefits available. This includes the opportunity to exercise your democratic right to vote* on important matters such as electing a new Director to the Board, or changes to the Society rules. You’ll have the right to have your voice heard at our Member Meetings and even the opportunity to become a Director of the Society’s Board.

*If you have a Joint Account, you will only have one vote between you and only the Primary Member (the person whose name appears first on our Member Registry) can cast that vote.