Health and wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of our islanders is so important, so we're always happy to support causes that hep people lead happier, healthier lives. See how our Community Fund has helped local projects in Jersey. 

Autumn 2023

Guernsey parkrun 

Guernsey parkrun is a “free to all” run and walking event which takes place every Saturday. We transport and store our course signs and event equipment at Pembroke and would like to secure funding to replace our equipment box which has recently broken and to purchase a small second-hand van to transport equipment around the course. 


Amount donated: £750


Safer Lbg 

The money is for the purchase of a new tumble dryer for the refuge.  We have one shared between all the residents and have had to have these repaired numerous times over the last year.  Unfortunately, it remains broken and with winter approaching makes drying bedding, towels, and school uniforms difficult - sometimes children only have 1 uniform set. 


Amount donated: £667


Guernsey Cardiac Action Group 

£1,000 for baby manikins and £4000 to set up and internal monitoring system for all internal Defibrillator to match the existing external PAD site defibrillators in cabinets all with QR codes 


Amount donated: £1,000


Bailiwick Social Prescribing - part of the Health Improvement Commission

a community-based sewing group which supports people who have health and/or social needs identified through Bailiwick Social Prescribing (BSP). BSP links people, referred to the scheme by their GP, to non-medical community-based support to help improve their health and well-being. This application is to support this group to continue and grow the number of people who can access the benefits that those who attended the pilot experienced. 

Amount donated: £1,000


Floral Forest 

We would like to ask the Men's Shed to make wooden 'fairy door' houses for trails through the parish. The houses will be coloured by Forest school children. There will be a competition for best coloured house and best named house, and we would like to purchase prizes for this too. The houses can later be used as a bird box. 


Amount donated: £200


Guernsey Bereavement Service and Talking Benches 

Guernsey Bereavement Services and Talking Benches have joined forces to support those who have been Bereaved by Suicide. GBS provide a counsellor to undertake talks to Talking Benches to support them with their Grief. £150 on Refreshments for 6 months. Teas, coffees, and sandwiches are provided at a discounted cost at the venue but there is still a cost to the charities £500 


Amount donated: £650


St John Ambulance Guernsey LBG 

The TV in our training hall, which is used to deliver training to our adult and youth volunteers is very old and is now failing.  An increasing amount of coursework and training is being delivered digitally and the current TV now has a very poor picture and connectivity and frequently switches itself off 


Amount donated: £600


Spring 2023

The Ladies’ College - Melrose

The funds will help to develop a space in the preparatory playground that will be a calm, quiet, relaxing space for girls who need it. This will include a willow dome for shade, waterproof cushions, sensory garden plants and a bench to encourage girls to go to if they need a quiet area.

Amount donated: £500


The Mill Street Community Café

The Mill Street Community Café will offer cookery workshops to people who lack the necessary skills to prepare nutritious meals for themselves and their families.  Hoping to inspire the next generation and promote well-being for everybody, the funds will purchase ingredients and extra cooking utensils for use with groups of people, plus protective clothing, cleaning materials and containers for participants to transport their meals.

Amount donated: £2,000


Guernsey Friends of Maggie's

Nobody living with cancer should feel alone, helpless and overwhelmed by what they are going through. Guernsey Friends of Maggie's ("GFoM") relies in part on voluntary donations from the local community so that the Maggie's centre in Southampton can continue to offer Guernsey residents (including family members and/or carers) who need treatment off-island, cancer support specialists, psychologists and other specialist staff, for free.

Amount donated: £1,250



Choices is a contraception and Sexual Health clinic in Guernsey. They have recently moved premises and are looking to raise money for a new accessibility friendly reception desk.

Amount donated: £500


Autumn 2022

Man Club (Channel Islands) 

Funding for rental of meeting space : Man Club provides mental health support services for men. It does this primarily through the formation and support of men’s ‘talking’ groups. Man Club’s support services compliment counselling, coaching, therapy and mental health treatments provided by others. These funds are specifically for 6 months rental of the Vale Rec club house where we meet every fortnight. 

Amount donated: £780 

St John’s Village Community Group 

Coffee & Friendship: The group provide a space within St John’s Church spend one morning a week for the local community who may be feeling isolated or lonely. The funds will be used for refreshments, advertising, board games and colouring equipment, heating and lighting and IT support for seniors  

Amount donated: £1000 


Autism Guernsey 

Music Therapy for Individuals with Autism: To help with the running of music therapy sessions. These take place on a weekly 1:1 basis in individuals' homes. The Music therapist will tailor their approach to meet the needs of each individual, working to build a therapeutic relationship and to foster interaction through live improvised music using a wide range of instruments, songs and music technology

Amount donated: £1920 


Guernsey Fostercare and Adoption Association 

Welcome Boxes: Many children enter foster care with few belongings and with their future unknown this is a time of high anxiety. The welcome box is a very simple way to comfort a child when they enter foster care. There is a general list of essentials such as journals, fleecy blanket, colouring books, pencils and crayons, but the social worker will add things that are specific to the child in order that it feels more personal. The funds will go towards creating these boxes.

Amount donated: £750 


The Better Journey Project 

Development & scaling fund: The Better Journey Project is a recently launched community project leading the way to more sustainable travel​, whilst also improving wellbeing, mental health and reducing on-island emissions through modal transportation shift. Funding will help towards operational costs. 

Amount donated: £1500* 


Channel Islands Air Search 

Interactive Smart Boards for Emergency Briefings: We are a Search & Rescue Organisation that is called out for Emergency searches in the Channel Islands.  The interactive boards will enable us to deliver a relevant & detailed briefing to the crew and will assist us to complete our pre-flight checklists in a more efficient manner. 

Amount donated: £2000 


Spring 2022

Guernsey Friends of Maggie's 

Lightening the Load. The Lightning the Load project benefits people in a variety of ways, including providing a safe space for people to talk to a Maggie's psychologist or a chance to practice relaxation and mindfulness. Support groups take place both in the Centre and online. The funding will contribute towards relaxation courses and 1-to-1 sessions. 

Amount donated: £1,260 


St John Guernsey LBG 

Community First Responder Scheme. The CFR's can attend an incident if it is in their vicinity and often are the first on the scene, before the ambulance arrives. The money will be spent to train and equip and the ongoing support for one responder. 

Amount donated: £1,000* 


Men's Shed Guernsey 

Public Access Defibrillator. The Men's Shed Guernsey membership consists predominantly of men of retirement age and may be vulnerable to heart conditions Funds will have an on-site a public access defibrillator (PAD) installed so that we may meet any on-site cardiac emergency. 

Amount donated: £1,000* 


Floral Forest 

Fairy doors. Forest Primary School and Le Rondin children are to decorate wooden fairy doors and the best 20 used in a new walking trail from the National Trust Les Caches Farm in July this year. Decorating the doors will help with the mental wellbeing of the children and be a fun activity. 130 Wooden fairy doors 

Amount donated: £52 


Autumn 2021

Autism Guernsey 

Funds will help with the delivery of their Earlybird Plus programme. Working in partnership with parents of autistic children aged 4-9 years to support their children’s development. 

Amount donated: £1,000 


The Guernsey Sylvans Sports Club LBG  

To improve outdoor facilities for the community, and help users make greener transport choices by installing a bike park at the sports club. 

Amount donated: £1,000* 


Les Grand Courtil Tenants Association 

To provide recreational activities to residents of the assisted living centres at Les Grand Courtil and Courtil Jacques.  The funds will help to build ‘Petanque’ bowling area with wheelchair friendly access. 

Amount donated: £1,000 


Spring 2021

Guernsey Bereavement Service

Grief Café. A safe environment for anyone suffering to have support, build networks and provide the key stepping-stones in the grief process.

Amount donated: £1,470


Relate Guernsey

To provide new furniture for clients, to provide a safe and welcoming environment. Funds will be spent on updating old, broken and poor quality items.

Amount donated: £1,000


Styx Centre

To upgrade the main Styx Community Centre kitchen used by 160-180 regular users and community groups on a weekly basis.

Amount donated: £850


Diabetes Guernsey

Education Day on June 19th 2021. This event is to provide education and peer support to people living with Diabetes in the Bailiwick. Funds to go towards venue hire and catering.

Amount donated: £700