Preserving the local environment

Preserving the local environment

Looking after the local environment is so important to us at Coop, so we're always happy to support projects that help to preserve some of our gorgeous natural habitats. Have a scroll and read about what we've been up to in Guernsey. 

Autumn 2023

Alderney Roots 

The Project seeks a £400 grant to acquire a two-wheel hoe, enhancing efficiency in agricultural operations. This versatile tool promises to save time and labour, benefiting both productivity and community involvement. 

Amount donated: £400



Funds will go towards cat traps, nets, gauntlets, safety gloves, carriers, graspers, safety board and other essential rescue items 

Amount donated: £1,000


Church of Scotland

We would like to start a regular litter picking group who would meet to clean up any areas of Guernsey in need, from beaches to leafy lanes to local parks. This would include all age groups within the church and any friends or family who wish to join in. Funds will cover litter pickers and high viz vests.

Amount donated: £150


The National Trust Guernsey 

This project is to cut back and remove the scrub so that the native seed bank can regenerate. This will increase the number and variety of wild plants and associated insects. The money will be used to fund removal of the dense scrub. 

Amount donated: £800


Spring 2023

The Clean Earth Trust

Since its inception the team have launched a number of successful initiatives to raise awareness of the growing challenges that face our natural world. They focus on community-led and data-driven projects that create meaningful and measurable impact, alongside campaigns that highlight important local issues concerning the health of our island and its inhabitants. Funds will be spent on the day to day running of the charity for items such as: beach clean items, the van to pick up and drop off beach cleaning equipment and rubbish, storage and upkeep of beach clean and clothes swap and repair café items.

Amount donated: £1,000*


Autumn 2022


The Smile for Georgie Foundation 

The Smile for Georgie Foundation Nature Reserve: Creating a Nature Reserve at Creve Coeur in Guernsey. We are planning on installing picnic benches on the nature reserve and this sum will go towards meeting a part of this cost 

Amount donated: £1500* 


The Clean Earth Trust 

The Clean Earth Trust is a local charity working to limit human impact on our environment. They run many successful projects including weekly beach cleans/surveys and a repair cafe. Running costs for the Charity will enable the weekly workshops to run and push forward with advancing on legislation/policy for items such as plastic free Guernsey and smoke free beaches. 

Amount donated: £1500* 


Spring 2021

Les Bourgs Hospice

Distributing seed packs at 30th Anniversary events to encourage people to start their own pollinator patches. Working with the Pollinator Project.

Amount donated: £1,000*


Guernsey Rovers

Provision of information boards for the Port Soif Nature Trail, to provide an education tool to further explain the flora/fauna and wildlife to be seen.

Amount donated: £800