Pasta with sun dried tomatoes and mozzarella

Pasta with sun dried tomatoes and mozzarella
Make dinner in a flash with this speedy pasta dish - it's full of Mediterranean flavour and uses just 5 ingredients
Serves 2  / 
Prep 5 minutes  / 
Cook 10 minutes


150g Coop penne rigate pasta quills
50g crusty bread (we used Coop Irresistible sourdough)
½ x 280g jar sun-dried tomatoes, roughly chopped, oil reserved
½ x 25g pack basil, leaves only, torn
½ x 125g ball mozzarella, torn


1. Bring a large pan of water to the boil and cook the pasta according to the pack instructions
2. Whizz the bread (including the crust) in a food processor until you have crumbs
3. Heat 2tbsp of the sun dried tomato oil in a large frying pan over a medium heat
4. Once sizzling, stir in the crumbs and cook until crisp, then set aside
5. Add the tomatoes to the pan and heat for 1-2 mins
6. Drain the cooked pasta and stir into the tomato pan, along with a splash of the cooking water and half the basil
7. Divide between 2 bowls, then top with the torn mozzarella, crisp breadcrumbs and remaining basil to serve