Bonjour, Carrefour!

Bonjour, Carrefour!

Our French range from Carrefour will make you shout Ooh la la!

From warming Lobster Bisque, or sweet Brittany Galette Biscuits, to Mackerel Fillets with White Wine and Herbs, there is something delectable for everyone in the French aisle.

Discover our full range online and in-store at Coop Grand Marché St Helier and Grand Marché St Peter now!

French foodie phrases

To celebrate the launch of our new range from Carrefour we’ve put together some French foodie phrases for you to try whilst enjoying our new products!

‘En faire tout un fromage’

Literal meaning: to make a whole cheese about it.
What it really means: to make a big deal of something.

 ‘triste comme un repas sans fromage’

Literal meaning: sad like a meal without cheese
What it really means: to be very sad

 ‘avoir du pain sur la planche’

What it means literally: to have bread on the board
What it actually means: to have many things to do

 ‘avoir la pêche’

Literal meaning: to have the peach
What it means: to be enthusiastic; to be full of energy

 ‘C’est pour ma pomme’

Literally: It’s for my apple
True meaning: It’s my treat/it’s on me

 ‘Mi-figue mi-raisin'

Literally: Half-fig half-grape
True meaning: Hesitant/between two options

 ‘Mettre du beurre dans les épinards’

Literally: To put butter in the spinach
True meaning: To top up your income

 'Un cordon bleu'

Literal meaning: Blue ribbon
What it actually means: You can say that someone is a cordon bleu when he/she cooks very well

'Long comme un jour sans pain'

Literally: Long like a day without bread
True meaning: Long like a month of Sundays

'Pour une bouchée de pain'

Literally: For a mouthful of bread
True meaning: For next to nothing

'Ça se boit comme du petit-lait'

Literally: To drink something like it’s whey
True meaning: That goes down easy!

'À ma sauce'

Literally: To my sauce
True meaning: Suit my style

'Ne pas savoir quelle sauce on va manger'

Literally: To not know which sauce we are going to eat
True meaning: To not know what fate has in store for you

'La cerise sur le gâteau'

Literally: The cherry on top of the cake
True meaning: The cherry on top/the icing on the cake

 'Vouloir sa part de gâteau'

Literally: To want your piece of the cake
True meaning: To want your share of the spoils