Pet care card

Make sure there is someone there for your pets when you can’t be

About the pet cards

As a pet owner, you provide your pet with food and water, shelter, veterinary care, and love. But what if you were to become ill, injured, or pass away? To ensure that your beloved pet will continue to receive care, should something unexpected happen to you, it’s important to plan ahead.

In the confusion that accompanies a person’s unexpected illness, accident, or death, pets may be overlooked. To prevent this from happening to your pet, pick up one of our free pet cards and simply fill out the following information:

  • how many pets you have
  • two friends or relatives who agree to serve as temporary/permanent emergency caregivers in the event that something unexpected happens to you

You can then carry your pet card in your purse or wallet with the peace of mind that, should anything happen to you, your treasured pet will be taken care of.

Where to get a pet card

Our free pet cards are available from:


  • De Gruchy’s Funeral Care
  • Cooperative House in Don Street