Working for your Co-op is a more rewarding job all round.

In fact, it's more than just a 'job'.

Working with us means you are helping to make a real difference in our communities every single day. 

  1. It might be a part time general assistant role, but it's also keeping local food banks stocked up for those in need.
  2. It may be a flexible manager role working for you around your family, but it's also funding local charities to support our islanders.
  3. It could be working night shifts for your local store, but it's also keeping the doors open for local shelters for the homeless.

Right now, we're looking for individuals who understand and appreciate customer service, know the value of teamwork and co-operation and share our same vision and values.

Want to discover how a job with the Co-op can work for you and your community? Apply today and start seeing the real difference you can help us to make in our community. 


Please note: 

  1. Applicants with less than five years residency may be considered for full-time roles
  2. Islanders applying for part-time roles must have at least five years residency in the island


We're looking for...