Eco Diesel 100

Eco Diesel 100

Eco Diesel 100 FAQs

We want to help our customers and members reduce their impact on the environment. With our new Eco Diesel 100 renewable fuel you can reduce your carbon footprint now with no modifications to your existing fossil-diesel car.

What is it?

Eco Diesel 100 is created from 100% renewable sources such as vegetable oils and food waste like used cooking oil and animal fats that go through a detailed refinement process that produces a fuel chemically identical to fossil-diesel while reducing the output of greenhouse gas emissions by 90% from the Production of the fuel in the refinery to its combustion in your engine.

What does it do?

As well as its production being healthier for the planet, it also reduces the emissions that come out of your vehicles exhaust:

  1. 33% lower levels of fine particulates
  2. 9% less nitrogen oxides (NOx)
  3. 30% less hydrocarbons (HC)
  4. 24% lower carbon monoxide (CO) emissions
  5. Reduced levels of polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH)

And because it produces significantly less soot inside your engine it can also reduce your cars maintenance costs.  Parts such as particulate filters stay cleaner for longer and your car can continue to run at maximum efficiency longer into its engine’s life.

Where do I fill up?

Eco Diesel 100 is currently available at En Route St. Peter and En Route Trinity.  So why not pop in and fuel up today! You can start using Eco Diesel straight away as your Diesel replacement with no changes needed to your car or draining old fuel from the tank.