What is a co-operative

Back in 1844 a group of workers called the Rochdale Pioneers joined together and established a Society which charged not to capitalise on profit, but to credit each member with their share of the profits in precise proportion to the purchases in store.

Here in the Channel Islands we are extremely proud of our co-operative heritage and the principles behind the Rochdale Society remain with us today.

What makes us unique from other commercial organisations in the islands is that we are owned and run not by investors or distant shareholders, but by our members. Our Co-operative Principles are at the core of everything we do.

We are essentially a Not-for-Profit organisation. Our driving force is to serve, not to make money.

All profits are either returned to our members in the form of dividend, or are re-invested back into the Society.

Being an organisation effectively owned equally by the whole population of the Channel Islands means we are also a democracy. We have an elected board, which directs the Society on your behalf.

Other Co-operative values that are central to our business include animal welfare, environmental responsibility, ethical trading, buying local and choosing Fairtrade when we buy from producers in the developing world.

We also want to be at the heart of the communities of both Guernsey and Jersey. That is reflected in our huge commitment to local Charities.

You will often see Colleagues fundraising in our stores, and each year the Directors are able to nominate Charities to receive donation.

We are understandably proud of just how successfully education, ecology, creativity and retail can serve our Community and all of this is possible due to the support of our members.