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4 ideas for totally local dinners

4 ideas for totally local dinners

13 August 2018

This week is the Jersey Local Food Challenge, where islanders are being challenged to eat just local food for one week.

We’re proud to support many local producers here in Jersey and Guernsey. You’ll always find a wide range of local products in store, from fresh fruit and veg, to meats on our butchery counters, right through to local wines and spirits.

Whether you're taking on the local food challenge or you just want to try and eat more local food, here’s one or two recipe ideas you can try. You can make these totally local dinners from just one trip to your nearest Jersey Grand Marché.

If you’re in Guernsey, don’t worry! You’ll find Guernsey equivalents for much of this produce in store too.

Jersey Angus steak with peppery watercress sauce

  • Find some delicious Jersey Angus steak at the butchery counter
  • Potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber or your favourite salad veggies are all locally grown and available in the fresh food aisle
  • For a twist on the classic peppercorn sauce, pick up some locally grown watercress and blend it up with some Jersey crème fraiche for a peppery sauce

Fish pie

  • Use Jersey potatoes with Jersey milk and butter to make a creamy and delicious mash
  • Ask at the fish counter for this week’s local catch – you might find anything from local scallops to turbot and crab or lobster
  • Serve along with some healthy local greens like spinach and courgettes, or a side salad – all available in the fresh food aisle

Two ideas for vegetarians

  • Roast some local root vegetables and potatoes to serve as a warm salad with Jersey lettuce, spinach or watercress
  • Whip up an omelette made with local Jersey eggs and butter – add some Jersey Dairy or Classic Herd cheese, and your favourite veggies like spring onions, peppers and tomatoes. Serve with a side salad.

Check out the Jersey Local Food Challenge website for more inspiration, or come and talk to our friendly colleagues – they can point you in the right direction to find all the local gems in-store.