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The Society joins the 51 Employers pledge

The Society joins the 51 Employers pledge

04 March 2022

Just days before International Women’s Day, The Channel Islands Co-operative Society signed the 51 Employers pledge to create a menopause-friendly workplace.

Open to Jersey businesses, public sector entities and charities, the 51 Employers pledge gives organisations the opportunity to be agents of change by signing up to a progressive, fourteen point pledge on the topic of menopause in the workplace. The Society is one of the most recent to sign up to the pledge, and the first retailer to do so in Jersey.

Aspects of the pledge require businesses to follow certain conditions such as; treating menopause with the same level of seriousness and care as with other mental health conditions, to be inclusive in the communication, awareness and approach to the menopause, and to create opportunities for flexible working and peer-support to those affected by the menopause.

Following the news of the Society signing the pledge, Mark Cox, Chief Executive Officer said: ‘We are proud to be the first retailer in Jersey to sign the 51 Employers pledge. I am delighted that the Co-op can commit our support to such a great initiative and the wellbeing of our colleagues.’

The 51 Employers pledge is an initiative from The Diversity Network, a networking group and business consultancy that promotes diversity and innovative working practices in Jersey. It was founded by two local businesswomen, Kate Wright and Sam Duffy, who created the local network of like-minded islanders to provide an opportunity for all to share ideas, good practice and business connections. They also provide consultancy services and advice for the local business community.

The pledge is known as the 51 Employers as 51 is the average age of people experiencing menopause.

At time of writing, there are 25 other local businesses and organisations in Jersey which have signed up to the pledge. These include: Affinity Private Wealth, Jersey Cheshire Homes, Jersey College for Girls, Jersey Water, Prosperity 24/7, Switch Digital, TMP Group and Victoria College.