Plastic free produce

Plastic free produce

We’re introduced a plastic free trial in our Grand Marchés.

As an ethical and responsible retailer with sustainability at our heart, we are always looking at ways in which we can reduce the amount of plastic in our stores.

That’s why we launched a plastic free produce trial in our Grand Marché stores in both Jersey and Guernsey.

What’s included?

This trial includes local produce. Wherever possible, our local produce will be plastic free in Grand Marché stores for the trial period.

On Co-op own brand produce, where a plastic free alternative is already available, we will also be making the switch.

Will this be available in more stores soon?

If the trial is successful, we will look to introduce plastic-free produce into more stores, where it is practical to do so.

Throughout the trial we will be monitoring the outcomes to ensure that unwrapped produce is a sustainable option for your Society. We will make sure we let you, our members, know the outcomes.

Why are we doing this, and what else are we doing?

We understand that many of our customers and members are concerned about the use of single-use plastics in supermarkets. We’re committed to reducing the impact we have on the environment, so we’re launching this trial.

We have already made a number of changes throughout our stores, including signing up to Plastic Free Jersey’s business toolkit, removing single-use plastic bags and introducing a sustainability working group.

Along with Co-op Group in the UK, your Society has a target of 80% of our Co-op own brand plastic packaging to be easily recyclable by 2020, and 100% by 2023.

Find out more about what we’re doing to reduce single use plastics.


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Got more questions? See our Plastic free produce FAQs.