Digital identification app allows you to use your phone instead of important photo ID to prove your age

You can now use Yoti across all our Jersey stores. We are one of the first retailers in the Channel Islands to accept the app as ID.

You will be able to use the app as identification for buying age-restricted items such as:

  1. energy drinks
  2. alcohol
  3. lottery tickets and
  4. tobacco products

Using the app means you no longer need to carry important photo ID documents such as your passport or driving licence with you.

Why use Yoti?

The app shares less personal data than other identification methods such as a passport. Yoti purely discloses that you are old enough to purchase the item without having to give your name.

Yoti stands for ‘your own trusted identity’.

How Yoti works

  • Lets staff know you would like to use the Yoti app to prove your age.
  • The shop assistant will present a scannable Yoti QR code to you.
  • Scan the QR code with the Yoti app, which confirms you’ll be sharing your photo and ‘Over 16’ or ‘Over 18’ attribute with the colleague.
  • As an additional security measure, the retailer can request that you take a photo of yourself to prove you are the registered account holder.
  • Your age is securely retrieved from Yoti. The phone will display the age threshold confirmation (‘over 16’ or ‘over 18’) along with a current photo of yourself.


Yoti is exploring plans to launch in Guernsey, at which point the Society would look to offer the app to Guernsey customers.

Find out more about Yoti on their website.