Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

The Jersey Help2Quit Stop Smoking Service helps hundreds of Islanders to quit every year.

You’re three times more likely to stop smoking for good using the Help2Quit service, than if you go it alone.

Credit: Help2Quit Jersey

What is the Help2Quit service?

Help2Quit is delivered on behalf of the States of Jersey Health and Social Services Department.  The service: 

  1. Offers free support to anyone living in Jersey who wants to stop smoking
  2. A confidential and friendly service
  3. Supplies free nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)
  4. Provided at our very own Pharmacy Locales.

What does the programme consist of? 

  1. An initial 30-minute appointment
  2. Eight weekly support sessions lasting 10 minutes
  3. Up to 12 weeks free supply of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) for clients who attend the support sessions

Our pharmacists are here to support and give the best advice they can to help you on your journey.

How to cope with nicotine withdrawal symptoms

The first stages of quitting smoking can be very hard, and the symptoms can make you feel like you can’t cope. 

However, symptoms are a great sign, because this means that your body is starting to recover. The longer you go without having one single cigarette puff, you’ll start to see these symptoms will disappear.















The benefits of stopping smoking

If you are thinking of stopping smoking, it is useful to know all the benefits that come with this, especially as

stopping smoking repairs the damage to your body, which can improve your chances of a healthier life.

20 minutes later
Your pulse and blood pressure return to its normal state, improving your circulation, especially in your hands and feet.

8 hours later
Your oxygen levels begin to return to normal due to levels of nicotine and carbon monoxide in your blood reducing by half.

24 hours later
Your lungs begin to clear our mucus and debris as the carbon monoxide is removed from your body.

48 hours later
Your body is now completely free of nicotine! You should start to notice:

  1. You feel less tired
  2. Breathing is easier
  3. Sense of taste and smell improves
  4. Exercise is easier
  5. The clogged feeling in your lungs has passed and you have lost the horrid morning cough


You are already reducing your chances of getting lung cancer and having a heart attack.


72 hours later
You will find that you have more energy and breathing is much easier.

2 - 12 weeks later
It will be much easier for you to walk and exercise now, the circulation in your body is much better.

3 - 9 weeks later
You should start to see results of improved wheezing, shortness of breath ang coughing. Your lungs can now breath in 5 - 10% more air.

Five years later
Your chances of having a heart attack have been halved compared to a smoker.

10 years later
Your chance of having a heart attack is now the same as someone who has never smoked. You have now also halved the chance of getting lung cancer compared to a smoker.


Not only can stopping smoking improve your health, but it can also have other benefits:

  1. Saving money
  2. Reducing the risk of a fire in your home
  3. Reducing the possibility that your children will start smoking
  4. Reducing the smell of tobacco on your clothes and at home
  5. Protecting the health of your family and friends but reducing the exposure of second-hand smoke

For more information and support on stopping smoking, pop into YOUR nearest local Pharmacy, we are here to help.