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How the Sunflower scheme has helped a Jersey family

How the Sunflower scheme has helped a Jersey family

08 November 2018

Kerry is a mum of four from Jersey. She has two children with hidden disabilities and has been using our Sunflower lanyard scheme in Grand Marché over the last few months.

As we roll out the scheme across all our stores in Jersey and Guernsey, we caught up with Kerry to find out about the impact the scheme has had on her family.

Can you tell us a bit about your family's experience of hidden disabilities?


What is shopping like for your family? 


How has the scheme helped you?


Can you tell us more about your experiences in Co-op stores?


What would you like others to do if they see your family with a Sunflower lanyard?


We also spoke to colleagues about the scheme to find out about their training and the types of help islanders with lanyards will receive. You can find more information about the scheme here.