Reusable Bag Bin

As a responsible community retailer, your Society is always looking at ways to protect our environment and reduce the amount of plastic in our stores, which is why we have our plastic bag re-use point at Grand Marché St HelierGrand Marché St PeterGrand Marché St Martin and Grand Marché St Sampsons.

This initiative was designed to help customers who have forgotten their shopping bags. We want to encourage you to pick up a preloved bag rather than spending money on a new one. In return, this will help us reduce the number of new bags being used, giving life back to an old bag and helping our environment.

If you have any spare plastic bags you no longer need, pop into participating stores and drop them off at the customer service desk. We would love to take your unwanted bags to reuse and are accepting any type of plastic bag, regardless of the brand. Please just make sure it's in a good condition. 

Whether you’ll be picking up an old bag and giving it a new life, or dropping off your spares, join us in helping reduce the impact on our environment.