Wedding Planner


Homemaker invites you to be a celebrity for the evening!

Choose your wedding gifts from our extensive range when the store is closed to the public, with the assistance of your own personal wedding adviser.

When you have compiled your list it will be available for viewing by you or your guests here on our website. Your list will be updated daily, there's easy gift buying for overseas guests and Dividend from gift sales can be added to your own share account. We will also give you your own personal Double Dividend card, valid for one year, to help you set up home together.

With the largest selection of wedding gifts in the Channel Islands all under one roof there may be too much to choose from. If you can't make up your mind then Travelmaker travel vouchers would make the perfect gift.

Visit Travelmaker for every requirement, from that all important Stag or Hen party to the perfect wedding destination, flights, accommodation and transport for your overseas wedding guests to the Honeymoon of your dreams; leaving you to enjoy the build-up to your special day.