Kitche: Save food, save money

In June 2023 we partnered with The Government of Jersey and award-winning app Kitche, to launch a 9 month campaign on reducing food waste. It was the first time a food waste campaign involved Government, retail and a technology provider, offering an important opportunity to learn more about food habits in Jersey, and ultimately reduce food waste.

The findings:

  • Over a 9-month period, the campaign achieved significant user engagement, with over 1,000 downloads and 904 sign-ups from island postcodes.
  • Detailed data collected during the campaign provided insights into food waste behaviour. Analysis revealed a waste percentage of 2.55% among active users, notably below the national average. Additionally, a downward trend in waste percentage over time highlighted the app's effectiveness in promoting waste reduction behaviours.
  • The campaign identified actionable insights, particularly regarding the most wasted products such as bread, fruit/veg and meat, offering opportunities for targeted interventions and behaviour change strategies for the future.
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