BEE a hero for your community

It’s not just our incredible UnBEElievables that are heroes. Our real bees are pretty extraordinary too.

It might bee hard to beelieve, but there’s so much we are grateful for just because of our little pollinator pals. From plants and trees to food and drink, bees are nature’s natural powerhouses for helping to pollinate and keep our environment diverse and healthy. That’s why the UnBEElievables and our bees need us all to bee a hero for our community.

Parents, we’ve got a whole hive of fun things to keep your own buzzy bees busy and learning about our perfect pollinators.

Why not try and create your own bee hotel or pollinator patch and share your bee-friendly creations with us.

Scroll down to find fun activities and information that we hope you’ll be buzzing to share.

Together, we can be UnBEElievable, bee heroes for our community and help to save the bees!  

Are you a Pollinator pro? Take our short pollinator quiz and win an UnBEElievables toy

How well do you know your pollinator plants and bees? Take our short quiz and find out for yourself. You might even bee lucky and win an UnBEElievable toy (terms and conditions apply). You can enter multiple times, prize winners are drawn each Monday. Please keep coming back and re-entering each week for your chance to win.

Module - Download our bee colouring in page
Download our bee colouring in page

Download our colouring in exercise. We would love to see how you colour this in. Once completed, take a photo and either tag us on our social media channels or email

Module - Can you solve these bee puzzles?
Can you solve these bee puzzles?

Download these fun activities to learn more about bees


Module - Make your own bee hotel
Make your own bee hotel

Not all bees live in the bustling community of a hive, there are also solitary bees and they need their own shelter. Build this quick and easy bee hotel with this handy guide

Module - Make a bee watering hole
Make a bee watering hole

Give your neighbourhood bees a welcome break with this quick and easy bee watering hole to keep them hydrated in the summer heat.

Module - Download a presentation
Download a presentation

Do you work with children or any other groups where you can pass on the message about the excellent work that bees do for our environment? 
We’ve made it quick and easy for you to present all the information you need with this handy powerpoint presentation and supporting notes.

Module - Educational booklet
Educational booklet

Buzzing with fun facts and games, this educational booklet is a great tool to start learning more about bees and the UnBeelievables gang.