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Bags more help for local environmental and community projects

Bags more help for local environmental and community projects

25 January 2023

We're proud to report a significant fall in bag for life sales in our Jersey stores, with statistics showing that our shoppers are using nearly 7,000 fewer bags a week. 

We would like to thank our customers and Members for playing their part in helping us to significantly reduce the number of plastic bags by 53% in the last six months. It follows the introduction of new legislation from Jersey’s government in July 2022, which required businesses to charge 70p for any reusable bags. 

In response to the reduction in sales, Carl Winn, Head of community and sustainability at the Channel Islands Co-op said: ‘Based on a weekly average comparison since the change in the law, we are now selling nearly 7,000 fewer bags a week. 

‘It is good to see that our customers and Members have adapted to the change. But ultimately, we are proud that it is our environment which is benefitting from less plastic polluting our beaches and countryside. There is still more to do and our new reusable bags which we have recently introduced will further help to reduce our plastic consumption.’

The profits made from the sale of carrier bags are actively re-invested by the Co-op into supporting the community. This includes the Co-op Community Fund which gives financial grants to local community and environmental projects benefitting the Channel Islands. As a result of the price increase for carrier bags, we were able to generate a total of £95,720 which will directly support communities in Jersey and Guernsey. 

‘What makes us so unique from other commercial businesses in the islands is that everything we do is not for profit or for investors, it’s for our Members here in our community,’ explains Carl.  ‘We are incredibly proud to be reporting such an incredible amount is going directly to helping charitable initiatives in both Jersey and Guernsey, something that is very much at the core of everything we do as a co-operative business.’ 

More details on the Channel Islands Co-op sustainability initiatives can be found at: .