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Co-op among first Jersey retailers to offer digital identification app

Co-op among first Jersey retailers to offer digital identification app

08 July 2019

We're one of the first retailers in the Channel Islands to accept the Yoti digital identity app.

Islanders will be able to use the app in all Society stores as identification for buying age-restricted items such as energy drinks, alcohol, lottery tickets and tobacco products from 8 July, rather than carrying important photo ID documents such as their passport or driving licence.

When presented to the retailer, the app will share minimal personal data, less than a traditional ID. The app will only disclose that they are old enough to purchase the item without giving the customer’s name.

Kenny McDonald, Head of Retail Operations at The Channel Islands Co-operative Society, said:

‘As a community retailer, the Society is committed to making our members’ shopping experience as efficient and easy as possible. We are delighted to be among the first retailers in the Channel Islands adopting this digital method of identification.

‘The increasing quality of fake IDs can be challenging for retailers but the Yoti app provides a great, modern solution to this age-old problem. Data protection is a significant issue we take very seriously, so it’s fantastic that this technology will allow individuals to prove their age in a secure way on their phones, without the need to carry their ID on them.’

Recently recognised by the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) as a digital ID for restricted products in the UK, Yoti, which stands for ‘your own trusted identity’ is viewed as a solution against fake IDs. It will return to a number of festivals and events in Jersey, such as Out There and Weekender Festival, for the second consecutive summer.

Robin Tombs, CEO and Co-Founder of Yoti, explained:

‘We’re delighted that businesses in Jersey are using Yoti to give their customers a safer, more convenient way to prove their age. Rather than showing valuable ID documents, which can easily be lost, stolen or misplaced, islanders and international visitors can use the free Yoti app to prove their age in seconds. Yoti is a simple, robust and free solution for newsagents and convenience stores that helps tackle fake IDs; ensuring underage individuals can’t purchase age-restricted goods.’

Yoti is exploring plans to launch in Guernsey, at which point the Society would look to offer the app to Guernsey customers.

Individuals in Jersey can download the free Yoti app on their smartphone and set up their account to purchase age-restricted goods.