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Here for a cleaner, greener Christmas

Here for a cleaner, greener Christmas

03 December 2021

Last year, we made big changes in our own brand Christmas range to continue our journey towards reducing single-use plastic. 

This year, we have gone even further to rid our 2021 Christmas range of excessive or single-use plastic. 

It means that your Christmas can be much more sustainable than ever before.

Our festive wish: No plastic please

The reason our range has become more environmentally friendly this year follows feedback from Co-op Members across the UK 

We now know that sustainability and recycling is an important issue for our own members in the Channel Islands tooThe products you see in our seasonal aisles matter. 

So, we’re proud that we’ve made some positive changes to our own brand Christmas range this year.

Spot the difference?

There are small changes to our 2021 Christmas rangebut we hope that you will notice the difference we have made to be more sustainable. 

All our Co-op Christmas cards and wrapping paper are now recyclable. You might also notice that our wrapping paper and gift accessories pack now no longer come wrapped in plastic cellophane. Another way we’ve removed unnecessary plastic. 

We’ve also removed plastic and glitter from all our own brand cards, gift wrap, gift bags and crackers too. 

So often, Christmas crackers are made with materials that cannot be commonly recycled and are full of plastic toys and packaging. Our Christmas crackers are consciously made to be plastic-free meaning that the whole cracker is 100% recyclable.

No rubbish in our crackers. Well, except maybe the jokes. 

Check out our sustainable Christmas range in your local Co-operative today and have yourself a greener Christmas too.