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How a rope bridge is helping Jersey's red squirrels

How a rope bridge is helping Jersey's red squirrels

05 June 2018

The Channel Islands are one of only a few places left in the British Isles that have a population of the increasingly rare Red Squirrel.

In the mainland, their biggest threat is the grey squirrel.

There are no grey squirrels in Jersey, but the dangers to the red species are still present in the form of cats, fragmented woodland areas and most of all, cars.

Crossing Jersey’s busy roads can be dangerous at the best of times, and made even more difficult when you’re only a few inches tall!

It was volunteer, Peter Houguez who saw the need for a way to protect the squirrels and to stop declining numbers.

“I started looking into this project in October 2016 after seeing a new colony of squirrels in this area. The bridge is needed due to the squirrels feeding on both sides of the road, enabling them to cross safely as four squirrels have been killed this year when crossing the road.”

Peter saw an advert about our Eco Fund and he applied for a grant.

He read that since 2008, the Society has given out over £280,000 to help environmental causes in the islands.

We were able to donate £350 to Peter, a kick start in getting the squirrel rope bridge project underway.

 “Thanks to the Eco-Fund, this funding will pay for the insurance costs and the construction of a rope bridge across La Route du Marais.”


A rope bridge was installed 20ft up above the busy road, helping to protect Jersey’s natural wildlife.

It’s nice to know that through the help of our customers and members we’re able to support projects, like Peter’s, that help preserve our environment for generations to come.

Now, that’s quite a legacy.

Do you have an environmental project or activity that our Eco fund could support? Find out more about the Eco-fund and how to apply.