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How we've supported LGBTQ Youth Jersey this summer

05 September 2018

Earlier this year we donated funds to LGBTQ Youth Jersey from our Helping Hands fund.

Their request for funding sat perfectly with our values of celebrating diversity and being inclusive - we are also the main sponsor for Channel Islands Pride which is celebrated in both islands, with each island holding the main event on alternate years.

Who are LGBTQ Youth Jersey?

LGBTQ Youth Jersey is a Jersey Youth Service sub-project aimed at supporting young people who identify as LGBTQ. It provides a safe space to make friends with no fear of being discriminated against. 

Our donation has enabled them to put in place opportunities for young people throughout the summer. They’ve been able to offer activities which allow them to try new things, learn new skills and build their confidence, whilst having fun. 

Here are five ways our donation has supported LGBTQ Youth Jersey this summer…

1. Supporting young people’s mental health

This summer LGBTQ Youth Jersey have been able to take young people outdoors to enjoy the weather. They’ve learned new ways of having fun and relaxing to help improve their mental health and cope with anxiety.

2. Helping to build confidence

The young people went on a residential trip to the Queen's Jubilee Activity Centre. They were given the opportunity to challenge themselves and participate in activities which require teamwork and concentration. This gave them the opportunity to overcome challenges together and build their self-confidence.

Some of those participating are part of the Trans community of young people who sometimes struggle with the anxiety of being in group settings. They were able to be part of this activity whilst engaging with others and building relationships.

Young people getting ready for outdoor activities

3. Breaking the ice and supporting new friendships

Our funding enabled the group to invest in equipment for one of its projects. One such piece of equipment was a PS4, which is a great icebreaker for new members who at first may feel anxious about engaging with new people.

Whilst sat playing a game young people find a common interest which leads to conversation and can support them in building relationships.

4. Developing life skills

The team have been able to invest in delivering activities which teach valuable life skills such as cooking.

This has given young people the opportunity to learn a new skill but also to bond with others, whilst sharing memories and moments they can carry with them. 

A cooking class at LGBTW Youth Jersey

5. Sharing their good experiences with others

The group has been described as “a space where young people can feel safe expressing who they are with no fear of other people's reactions”.

The young people are currently working on a video that will promote this important project. It will help make others aware of the existence of this safe and inclusive space for LGBTQ youth in Jersey.

David Bras, a youth worker from the project, said:

“All of the work we have been able to carry out throughout the summer would not have been possible without the generous support such as that of the Co-op. We truly appreciate the support for the LGBTQ community of young people in Jersey. Thank you.”

Visit their website to learn more about the project and donate to LGBTQ Youth Jersey to help them develop this service. 

We are really excited about celebrating the diversity of our community at Pride on Saturday 8 September in Guernsey. See you there!