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Notice of a Special Meeting of Members of the Channel Islands Co-operative Society Limited

29 January 2024

Where? Radisson Blu Hotel

When? Wednesday 28th February 2024 at 6pm (registration opens from 5.30pm)

Make your vote count

At our upcoming Special Meeting of Members (SMM), you can get involved in the running of your Society by voting on some key rule changes which will ensure we continue to develop and protect long-term member value, while making a real difference to the communities we serve.

Like any business, we welcome feedback from our members as an opportunity to progress and move forward as a Society.

There are four motions being proposed, but what do these actually mean for the Society, for our community and for you as a member? Members will have the opportunity to ask questions during the SMM and vote on the proposed rule changes to the Society.

The four proposed motions are as follows:


Motion 1: Changes to the appointment criteria for the chair of the board of directors

To allow any member of the board (elected director or professional external director) to be appointed as chair for a term of 3 years (maximum 3 x terms).  [Rule 10.18]

Motion 2: Changes to the maximum terms of service for the board of directors

To align the maximum term for both elected directors and professional external directors to 9 years (3 terms of 3 years).  [Rules 10.6(B) & 10.7] (Currently 12 years for elected directors and 6 years for professional external directors)

Motion 3: Changes to eligibility criteria to serve as a director

To reduce the minimum spend criteria in the Society’s previous trading year from £1,300 to £500 [Rule 10.19 (j)]

Motion 4: Changes to ways members can vote
To provide for proxy voting as a way for members to vote at meetings [Rule 9.13]

Note: Rule 9.12 Meetings – Only members are entitled to vote at this meeting.

By Order of the Board of Directors

Dr K Kelly, Chief Governance Officer & Society Secretary

Have your say

First and foremost, this is your Society and the SMM is your opportunity to have your say. We believe that these Motions are in the best interests of the Society and its Members as a whole and we recommend that you use your chance to have your vote counted in favour of these changes.

At the SMM you will be voting on the above proposed rule changes.

How do you get involved?

We’d love to see you there - join us and be part of some important changes to your Society.