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Protecting Guernsey's bees with the Eco Fund

Protecting Guernsey's bees with the Eco Fund

07 June 2018

It’s easy to take for granted the natural beauty and environment of these special islands we call home.

But forgetting to look after nature now creates a tougher job for ensuring that we leave behind a positive environment and lasting legacy for future generations to enjoy.

This is why one of the key values of your Society is to make a difference to the community we serve. To give back through helping to preserve the beauty of our islands.

So, we created the Eco Fund.

In 2017, we gave over £16,000 to local eco and environmental projects based right here in the Channel Islands.

Last year, with your help in raising funds, we were able to help Guernsey Beekeepers Association.

Bees tend to get a pretty poor reputation, but they are integral to the lifecycle of our natural environment.

This local organisation was awarded £1,600 to help keep the association going and caring for the bees. They used the funds to purchase an equipment shed and paving slab bases. This allowed the beekeepers to concentrate on using their own funds to keep beekeeping courses running, and fund the Association’s activities.

It may not sound like much. But for them, it’s made a world of difference.

Chris Tomlins, President of the Guernsey Beekeepers Association explains the importance of education for the preservation of bees:

“Displays will either be educational for school groups or scout or guiding groups to give youngsters a better understanding of the life of our most important pollinator. Adult groups will also occasionally be introduced to honeybees with a practical demonstration.

The hives will also be instructional for our members and used for the annual ‘Introduction to Beekeeping’ course run by the Association.”


Do you have an environmental project or activity that our Eco-fund could support? Find out more about how the Eco Fund could help, and how to apply for funding.