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Sérgio Marcelino: Meet the community champion

Sérgio Marcelino: Meet the community champion

24 September 2019

It always makes us extremely proud to see our colleagues doing their bit for the local community. Which is what manager of En Route St Mary and St Peter has been doing for the past six years.

Sérgio Marcelino volunteers for Jersey charity Meals on Wheels, delivering hot meals to those who are often lonely, disabled or elderly.

The winner of last year’s Society’s Ambassador of the Year Award, Sérgio delivered 435 meals in his own time last year, covering 17 miles on each delivery. 

He said: ‘I have loved volunteering for Meals on Wheels since the first day I turned up and I started dishing up the food.’

Meals on Wheels has been operating since 1962 and delivers between 80 and 90 meals a day four days a week. The charity is run solely by volunteers and relies on donations to continue the service.

All the meals delivered by the charity are cooked at Jersey General Hospital by hospital staff and then bought at cost by Meals on Wheels.

Hilary Grant, current chairman of the charity and who has been involved for 35 years, said: ‘I can remember taking Sergio out on his first round and I knew from that day he was going to be fine.

‘Most of us who volunteer either have a part time job or have retired from work. I admire people who can juggle delivering for us with their full-time job.’

To find out more about Meals on Wheels email, or telephone 01534 853737.