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We're looking back on the construction of our first solar powered store in the Channel Islands.

14 June 2024

Whilst we reflect on The Great Big Week 2024, we are looking back on one of our most successful initiatives to help tackle climate change. This year, marks ten years since the construction of our Coop Grouville Store, which completed a first in the Island with the installation of Solar panels on a commercial building in Jersey. 


Pictured - Grouville Coop

On average in approximately one year, the solar panel system is capable of producing around £2,500 worth of electricity, which is enough to power up to five average-sized Jersey households. This results in annual energy savings of £2000 - £2700. The original cost of the installation was £26,000 and ten years on this has almost paid for itself in energy savings, going forward the savings will be returned into the business for the benefit of customers in the long-term.  

SunWorks C.I. Ltd were appointed to install the solar panel system. 

 Pictured - work underway at Grouville by SunWorks C.I. Limited.

Mark Brandon, Managing Director of SunWorks says, “CICS pioneered commercial solar at their iconic Grouville location—the first large-scale project undertaken by SunWorks back in 2014. Their commitment continues as they expand solar initiatives across their stores, maximising energy-saving opportunities for now and into the future.”  

 Projected energy savings for the solar system at Grouville.

Since this installation, we have continued with energy efficient solar panels in our most recently constructed stores, including Five Oaks and Trinity. For those stores currently unable to utilise solar energy, other initiatives have been implemented including, more energy efficient refrigeration, LED lighting, investing in technology which is more energy efficient such as software to optimise heating and lighting, and across all our stores we support local food suppliers to reduce food miles. Our full Sustainability Blueprint is available to read here. 

Chief Property and Sustainability Officer Simon Matthews comments on the success that the CI Coop has enjoyed with their investments to date in embedded electricity generation. “Investment in embedded generation projects, like the solar PV installation at our Grouville Food Store, forms a core part of the CI Coop’s plans to achieve net zero in the future. The technology is now proven and becoming ever more viable, both financially and non-financially.” 

“CI Coop are delighted with the reception we have had from members, customers, colleagues and suppliers with our Sustainability Strategy,” he said. “We are actively progressing plans for more solar PV installations on our property in the future.” 

Pictured - The orginal JEP article from the Grouville store's official opening.

Solar energy is a key factor in us becoming net carbon zero by 2050, we hope other businesses consider switching to solar energy in future, it really is to the benefit of everyone, the environment and energy bills.