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Trevor's summer favourites

Trevor's summer favourites

04 September 2019

There’s still plenty of time left to make the most of this summer and your Society have everything you need.

Our colleagues also love celebrating summer. Here Trevor Haynes, sales assistant Grand Marche St Martin, shares why he loves cooking on the BBQ.

What does summer mean to you? 

For me summer is all about long days and light evenings. I love working or sitting in the garden and just being outside in the sunshine.

What’s your favourite summer food and drink and why?

My favourite drink in the summer is an ice cold bottle of Stella Artois. I love eating anything that I have cooked on my BBQ.

Do you prefer a BBQ or picnic and why? 

As I am a trained chef I prefer a BBQ because it’s a great chance for me to experiment with food and ideas. 

Sea or pool?

I prefer going in the sea because when I’m in the UK I can take my dogs and they can paddle with me.

Do you prefer ice cream or a cold drink and why?

I think I would have to say a cold drink and for me my drink of choice would be Stella in the summer.

What’s your best childhood summer memory? 

I remember vividly the summer of 1976. I had just finished college and had three months off in the sun before I went and started work.

What’s your favourite summer location on and off the island?

The best location in Guernsey during the summer is my own garden. I can have a BBQ with my friends and family. Off island I like going to Poole because I can go swimming with my dogs.

What’s your favourite thing to do in the summer months?

I love to go off island in my motorhome with my wife and dogs.


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