What is a Member Rewards Weekend?

Member Rewards Weekends are your Society's way of showing our thanks and appreciation to all our loyal Members across the Channel Islands through a series of exclusive discount events. 

How does it work?

On selected days, Members will be able to get a 10% discount immediately off their shop when spending £40 or more*

When are the Member Reward days?

The next Member Rewards days are on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 May. Other Member Reward events will be announced as and when they are planned, so watch this space!

Do you get the 10% discount if you shop online?

Yes, just add £40 or more of qualifying products to your basket and enter your Share number. Your order must be placed and paid for on the Saturday or Sunday Member Rewards days but you can select a delivery day that suits you.

Is this for all Members?

Yes. This offer is open to all Members of the Channel Islands Coop spending £40 or more on the Member Reward days. Just use your Share number in any Coop store, pharmacy or online.

*Are there any items the discount doesn't apply to?

There are some items that are excluded from the Member Rewards offer. These include:

- Fuel

- Tobacco

- Gift Vouchers

- Guernsey Electricity Key Card

- Home Delivery Charges

- Lottery Tickets 

- Parking Payments

- Pay as you go SIM and Top Up Cards (Airtel, JT & Sure)

- Petrol

- Postage Stamps

- School Bus Tickets

- Recycling bag labels (In Guernsey)

- Prescriptions

- SPS Charges

Can I use my gift voucher/fuel voucher alongside this?

You may use your Coop gift voucher towards the cost of the shop after discount as a form of payment. We are unable to accept the 10p per litre Fuel vouchers in conjunction with this offer.

Will I still get my Dividend?

Absolutely. Every Member will continue to accrue their Member Rewards each time they shop at Coop.


Why are the Coop running these events?

We appreciate that many islanders are finding island-life and the cost of living expensive right now. We are constantly reviewing our pricing and promotional offers to ensure we can offer the best possible value to you - our customers. These Member Rewards are our way of giving back and saying thank you to our Members.

By offering a discount applied at the till against the total basket spend, we hope to reach as many Members as possible with a tangible saving on their monthly grocery bill regardless of what they buy.