Updating your details

Updating your details

It’s really important that we hold your most up to date information. To change your details please bring your documents to one of our in-store Member Services counters.

Documents required

In order to be able to update your information, we need you to provide us with:

1. Proof of identity
Any one of the following:

  • current valid passport
  • current valid driving licence (if it contains your photograph)
  • current national identity card
  • birth certificate (if supported by other evidence of identity)
  • a current identity card issued by the armed forces

2. Proof of address
Any one of the following, dated within three months:

  • an original utility bill
  • an original letter from your employer on headed paper
  • an original letter from the States of Guernsey or Jersey
  • current valid driving licence (if it contains your address)
  • an original bank or credit card letter or statement
  • a letter from a local finance, insurance or law company on headed paper

For more information email us at member.services@channelislands.coop