HammerHead and Captain StinkyPants take on the UK

18 December 2017

A STORY about two Jersey schoolboys turned superheroes is now on sale across the UK and raising money for a number of charities.

Meet HammerHead and Captain StinkyPants was written by Colin Macleod, the Chief Executive Officer of The Channel Islands Co-operative Society. The story followed the adventures of his two sons Harris and Lewis as they are whisked off to a secret land and transformed into superheroes, HammerHead and Captain StinkyPants.  The adventure was created by Mr Macleod and his sons as part of their bedtime routine. 

‘Taking the nonsense we had created at bedtime and turning it into a book was a way of preserving that time I had with my children while also raising money to make a real difference to children in the islands who were less fortunate than my own,’ he said.

‘The response from Channel Islanders exceeded every expectation and we soon raised £10,000, which was shared between Help a Guernsey Child and the Variety, the Children’s Charity of Jersey.

‘Although The Channel Islands Co-operative Society is independent and owned by our members across Jersey and Guernsey, we have close links with the Co-op in the UK and news started to spread about what I had been up to.’

At around the same time, Mr Macleod heard from Gyles Brandreth whom he had sent a copy of the book to when it first published. The writer, broadcaster, former MP and Lord Commissioner of the Treasury had read the book and sent a review.

Mr Macleod said he was shocked to receive such a rave review from someone as acclaimed as Mr Brandreth.

‘I couldn’t believe he had not only taken the time to read it but he had shared it with his grandson and then taken the time to send me a review,’ he said.

Mr Brandreth’s review was added to the book and now more than 14,000 copies have been printed and distributed to Co-op’s stores across the country and the profits from the sale of the books in each region will benefit charities working in the local area.

‘The community is at the heart of the Co-op and so, as we did in the Channel Islands with Help A Guernsey Child and Variety, the Children’s Charity of Jersey, the stores in each of the regions have chosen charities which they feel deserve recognition and support,’ said Mr Macleod.

‘Those charities include the Samaritans in Scotland, The Salvation Army and St Andrew’s Hospice in Lincoln and Little Havens Children’s Hospice in Essex.

‘It’s just amazing that a story dreamt up at bedtime by a dad and his two sons living in Jersey is now on sale across the UK and helping dozens of charities.’

"Meet HammerHead and Captain StinkyPants is HUGE FUN – and more to the point, my grandson Rory, aged 10, thinks it is GARGANTUAN FUN. And Rory knows his superheroes...  A superheroic superbook! Bravo!"


(Photos: Colin Macleod with his sons Harris and Lewis, Gyles Brandreth, The cover of Meet HammerHead and Captain Stinkypants, The book being printed ahead of its UK launch).