The Channel Islands Co-operative Society to open new Co-op Locale Charing Cross

17 April 2018

The Channel Islands Co-operative Society will open its newest store at Charing Cross, St Helier this week.

 After 121 weeks of building works, the new Co-op Locale is ready to open its doors to its members and customers on 19th April 2018 at 9am and this will coincide with the opening of the King Street entrance of Pitt Street.


The re-opening of this historic site represents a significant development for Jersey.

The historic buildings at the rear of the site were gifted by The Channel Islands Co-operative Society to The National Trust for Jersey and the site will eventually become a blend of restored heritage buildings and new modern retail units plus the introduction of the Channel Islands’ first Premier Inn with a 91 bedroom hotel.

 Colin Macleod, Chief Executive Officer of The Channel Islands Co-operative Society commented, ‘The regeneration of Charing Cross is the largest development project we have ever undertaken and it breathes new life into an important part of St Helier.  I am personally delighted that this scheme has come to fruition.

It has been a long and tough journey to get here but we have delivered new investment, new jobs and a really exciting new store for our members and the community in St Helier. There are too many people to thank individually but this was a really good example of regeneration through co-operation.’


One of the highlights of the regeneration project is the Pitt Street art installation, ‘The River of Light', paid for by the Society.

The project was undertaken by Chris Clifford, Public Art Consultant and Director of CCASM Modern & Contemporary, and Axis Mason Architects plus an enthusiastic team of children from Rouge Bouillon Primary School.

Chris Clifford said, ‘The River of Light is a major public art installation at the heart of St Helier’s retail core and is designed in such a way as to suggest the movement of water, which at one time would have flowed through Charing Cross as a stream known as Le Grand Douet.

The text inscriptions carved into the surface paving tell the story of St. Helier’s development over the last 1000 years and the embedded lighting is programmed to suggest moving water.

The design also carries a message of hope about the town’s future provided by students at Rouge Bouillon School, so I like to think of this artwork as a time machine that travels back into the past and out into the future.’
‘I am delighted that through the generosity of the Society and the hard work of the project team, including Axis Mason Architects, we have completely transformed Pitt Street into a sophisticated piece of contemporary urban design.’


The National Trust for Jersey will also unveil its newly restored buildings and the long-awaited restoration of His Master’s Voice logo ‘Nipper’ at the end of April, with the Premier Inn expected to open for business in the coming months.


Mr Macleod concluded ‘Today is a historic day, for many reasons, not least because of the Society’s long relationship with the Charing Cross site but also for the island generally given the site is steeped in Jersey history.

But today is also about celebrating a contemporary new Locale store at the heart of St Helier. We have taken the opportunity to ensure we are providing customers with a state of the art shopping experience, with an array of Food-to-Go options, chilled beverages, space to grab a coffee.

I am confident that whether our members need a quick stop or a big shop, the new store is designed to suit all their requirements.