Leale's Yard - Guernsey

A vision for The Bridge

The Bridge is a place where the focus is on locals.

It’s a thriving town centre with the charming and eclectic Bridge frontage of Victorian and Edwardian buildings at its heart.

The community spirit, its compactness, its convenience for every day essentials and its long association with maritime trade are all still part of its appeal.

The vision is for The Bridge to become a vibrant, viable town centre and to truly fulfil its role as the Island’s second main centre.

The Bridge frontage will be the heart of the centre extending westwards into the Leale’s Yard Quarter, with a large shared surface plaza uniting The Bridge with St Sampson’s Harbour.


Our commitments

We are commited to:

  • building a residential led development that will provide a variety of housing mix and tenure to meet local need
  • using a community focussed approach to regeneration
  • providing tangible benefits to existing and future residents of The Bridge
  • providing investment that will present opportunities for employment and training
  • retaining expenditure within the local economy for the benefit of Islanders
  • creating a sense of place and community identity that will celebrate the uniqueness of The Bridge
  • reinforcing the wider cultural and historic character of the Island as a whole

Proposed site layout

The proposed layout is:

  • 410 new homes
  • 476 parking spaces for resdients and visitors
  • space for new community, leisure and commercial uses
  • 1.5 acres of new public realm
  • 1 acre of new public squares and gardens
  • 1.3 acres of resident’s gardens and amenity space

The Bridge and the new entrance to Leale's Yard: creating a thriving town centre

Leale's Yard will:

  • become a new focus for commercial, civic and cultural activity
  • be organised around a permeable network of streets and spaces that will connect The Bridge frontage with Lowlands Road, Braye Road and Nocq Road with a choice of routes to enable people to access The Bridge easily from the surrounding area
  • provide active frontages that will animate a new public square with opportunities for community, leisure and commercial uses that extend the activity of The Bridge to create a vibrant new local centre
  • enhance choice within the town centre and the wider Island community and building on the uniqueness of Guernsey
  • showcase new architecture, landmark buildings and public spaces that will incorporate a wide variety of uses, including residential and employment uses, to maintain levels of activity throughout the day and into the evening

A new residential community: making The Bridge a cool place to live

Leale's Yard will:

  • create a sustainable residential neighbourhoods, served by local facilities, set around communal gardens and fronting the harbour
  • have creative, modern architecture that responds to the overall grain and context of St Sampson’s and the Vale
  • provide homes that respond to the aspirations of the next generation of Guernsey people and help to keep young people on the Island
  • reintegrating existing buildings and spaces into a new mixed-use, residential neighbourhood that will enhance the character, quality and amenity of the wider environment

Creating a distinct sense of place: embracing new architecture and revealing heritage

Leale's Yard will have:

  • characterful residential streets and squares that build on the positive attributes of the surrounding context
  • a new architecture and landscape that recalls the historic landform, physical geography and maritime industrial heritage of The Vale and St Sampson
  • buildings of an appropriate scale and massing that recall the historic plot widths, form and materiality of the local area
  • a locally relevant, contextual design approach that builds upon the existing qualities and character of the area to create a high quality, adaptable, integrated community

A new civic space: improving movement, parking and the public realm

Leale's Yard will:

  • develop an integrated approach to public realm opportunities throughout the development
  • provide pathways to creating a sensitive yet highly innovative approach to public realm design, public art provision, community arts initiatives and community engagement
  • have a site specific narrative that stems from the unique history of the landscape, the tidal estuary and the extraordinary reclamation of the Braye du Val
  • underpin the design ethos for the spaces between buildings, the vehicular and pedestrian routes, the public realm and shared space and extending this approach onto the Bridge itself

A new residential quarter

A key aspiration of the development will be to build upon the existing community of The Bridge to create;

  • an efficient, viable, low maintenance development
  • a characterful, dignified place to live
  • accessible, adaptable and sustainable new homes for Islanders
  • neighbourhood investment and a clear sense local culture and history
  • an inclusive, thriving community with a distinct sense of place