Changes to double dividend

We have always given back to our members and are proud to have offered a double dividend scheme on a Tuesday and Wednesday for a number of years, but sadly we need to make a change to protect the health of both our colleagues and members during this period.

We are removing our Tuesday and Wednesday double dividend scheme until further notice as we feel we should not be handing out stamps and encouraging members to attach them to cards when trying to limit the spread of coronavirus. We also do not want to put any additional pressure on our colleagues by encouraging our members to shop on these two given days, when our stores are already very busy.

It is never easy making decisions like this but stopping double dividend does not mean our members will not receive a bonus dividend.  

What happens now? 

Previously customers would receive double dividend stamps when shopping with us on a Tuesday and Wednesday and quoting their share number – this will no longer be the case.

Our colleagues will not be handing out stamps but instead an extra 1% bonus dividend will be added to qualifying purchases every day of the week. The additional 1% will be added to members’ share accounts on 1 July. Unfortunately this will not show on any receipts until after 1 July. The money will be banked and deposited into your share account on 1 July.  From 1 July, the extra 1% bonus dividend will then be added to your share account the day after you shop with us.

Why has this decision been made?

We have already introduced a number of measures in our stores to protect both our colleagues and customers from the potential threat of coronavirus. We feel encouraging customers to attach a stamp to their stamp card is not in line with current government health and safety guidelines.

We also know our stores are getting busier with people shopping for friends and family who are not able to leave their homes and we don’t want to encourage people in to stores on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, as this puts extra pressure on our colleagues. We have measures in store to make sure customers keep 2 metres apart from others whilst shopping and are only allowing a certain amount of people in at any one time. If we continue to encourage members into our stores on Tuesdays and Wednesdays because of our double dividend offer, it will be a lot harder for us to enforce these steps.

Looking after our local communities will always remain our priority and during this current period the health and wellbeing of all our customers is paramount which is why we have taken these steps.


For more information about what changes have been made to your Society during this period, read our FAQs