Unlike other retailers, we return profits to you, our Members, in the form of dividend, remaining profit goes toward taxes and investing back in to the Society.

Dividend earned on purchases

Whenever you quote your share number in our stores, a dividend will be earned on qualifying purchases. This is currently 4p for every £1 spend, though this could be subject to change. The dividend rate is approved at our AMM in May.

Your dividend value is automatically calculated during the trading year, which ends on the second Sunday in January. You can draw your Dividend as cash after the annual AMM, leave it in your share account to gain interest or have it paid as Society vouchers.

Bonus Dividend

When you shop with us on Tuesday or Wednesday you’ll receive bonus dividend stamps* (this doesn’t include En Route petrol stations) which you can either spend in-store like cash, or pay them into your share account and earn interest.

* We don’t issue double dividend in December.

Christmas Bonus

During December, each complete £1 card of stamps is worth £1.05 for Christmas shopping in your Co-operative food stores.

What you won’t earn dividend on

Here’s a list of items that dividend isn’t applied to:

  • Besco dry cleaning services
  • Fax machine usage
  • Gift vouchers
  • Home delivery charges
  • Kodak machines
  • Lottery tickets
  • Parking paycards
  • Pay as you go SIM and top up cards (Airtel, JT & Sure)
  • Postage stamps
  • Photocopying
  • Raffle tickets
  • School bus tickets
  • Speed dial cards


Here's how to turn £100 into £115 at your Society (Guernsey only)

When you claim your Dividend this year, take it as Homemaker shopping vouchers and it will be worth an extra 15%.

For example, if your Dividend amounts to £100 then you can claim either £100 in cash or £115 in Homemaker shopping vouchers (can only be used at Homemaker Guernsey).

In Homemaker Guernsey you will find an extensive range of products to spend your shopping vouchers on, from the very latest in sound and visual technology to the most economical advancements in household appliances. The store also offers the very best in home furnishings including sofas, dining sets, beds, textiles, curtains and housewares.

Financial peace of mind for you

We follow a voluntary code of practice that governs co-operative societies and which requires that we provide you with a statement about the nature of your investment and any change affecting it:

The position you occupy as a shareholder of the Society is no different from that of a shareholder in any other body corporate in the sense that, if the Society fails, you may not have all, or any, of your investment returned to you. Your investment is withdrawable without penalty at the discretion of the Board. The Society is not a Bank and is therefore not covered by a banking deposit protection scheme.

Only one change has occurred during the year which related to interest rates, these were notified separately.

We are pleased to confirm that your investment in the Society is backed by our net assets of over £54 million and our independent Auditor reports annually to the Financial Commissions of Jersey and Guernsey that deposits held with us do not exceed 100% of our most recently published capital and reserves.

You can view our latest audited financial statements by using this link.