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Caring for Jersey’s animal community

Caring for Jersey’s animal community

01 September 2021

Many of us are already aware of the incredible work that Jersey’s Animals’ Shelter, the JSPCA, does every dayIt’s why we were proud to support them with our Community Fund.

But it’s not all about pets. The team at JSPCA play a huge role in caring for and preserving our local wildlife too.

They care for a variety of wild birds and mammals that also need treatment and care. Animals such as squirrels, hedgehogs, ducks and even birds of prey. 

In just the first  six  months of this year, they had already assisted over 940 wildlife.


Call of the wild

Treating native and sometimes visiting wildlife such as migratory birds requires a high level of specialist care and expertise. The JSPCA are fortunate to have this skill within their own clinical team. 

The wellbeing and safety of the wild animal is of utmost importance, and they look to carry out treatment with as little human contact as possible. 

The Jersey Animals’ Shelter used their Co-op Community Fund donation to purchase specialised nets to help the team treat or release wild animals in their care.


They may look basic, but Michelle Parker, the Animals’ Shelter’s Fundraising and PR Manager explains to us that the nets are helping them do vital work. The £223 donated from the Community Fund was invaluable.    

It was a simple but significant purchase, helping towards their aim of preserving local species in the island. 

With the help of the nets, the team can closely monitor wild birds in their care and allow their aviaries to be as similar as possible to the birds’ wild habitats.

'The most rewarding part of our job is when we get to release the wildlife back into their natural surroundings. Having this equipment benefits the charity greatly, and in turn, benefits the wildlife in our care.  There's a real sense of pride from knowing that we are helping such a vital part of Jersey’s natural ecosystem and helping to preserve local species for future generations to come.’ 

 Michelle Parker Fundraising and PR Manager, JSPCA

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