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Four Coop pharmacies now stocking free period products

04 December 2023

Free period products are now available at four of our locations across the island. This is as part of a Government initiative to provide free sanitary products for people who need them. 

The free products will be available at our Bath Street and New Era pharmacies and our Millennium Park and St Peter's Village stores.

The products will be found in branded plastic containers near the pharmacy counter for self-selection – and there's no limit and no justification needed for taking them. In our St Peter's Village and Millennium Park stores, the free products are next to the donation boxes near the exit. Access to the free period products is for anyone who needs them in Jersey whether they are collecting them for themselves or on behalf of someone else, whether they live in Jersey or are visiting the island.  

Mark Cox, our Chief Executive said: "We are thrilled to announce the Coop's wholehearted support for the Government's initiative to ensure universal access to free period products. Through our extensive network of Pharmacy stores, we are committed to playing a key role in making these essential products readily available to those who need them. From 1st December, four of our Coop Pharmacies will be stocking free period products. The aim of this is to make essential hygiene products easily available to everyone.  

We are proud to be able to help communities and our Members through this new scheme and it’s a great example of one of the ways in which we are continuously adapting our services to ensure all customers' needs are met.  

By providing free period products, we are not just meeting a basic need but actively participating in the creation of a more equitable and supportive community. We look forward to working hand in hand with the Government to make a positive impact and improving the access to these products”.