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It’s time to get together again.

11 May 2022

Being a part of our Coop is more than just having a share number. For us, as our motto says: Belonging is everything.

It is one of the reasons why we look forward every year to our Annual Meeting of Members (AMM). The AMM is the perfect opportunity to meet and chat to our members, look back at the Coop’s performance and what differences we have made in our communities over the last year. But above all, it gives a chance to have your say and look forward to the future together.

Not been before to our AMM? Here’s a few reasons why you might want to join us this year.


More than just a Member. You’re a Co-owner.

A Co-operative business, like ours, is not like any other institution. We all belong to part of a collective movement. So, when we say belonging is everything – it truly is.

Being a member of our Coop means that you have a vested interest into what we do. Each time you quote those few digits of your share number, you are contributing into and building our co-operative model which looks to benefit you, our community, and our local suppliers.

In return for being a member and being an active part of our co-operative, you can receive dividend and benefits as your ‘share’ of our co-operative society.

It’s your chance to have your say.

Your voice and views matter to us. They always have and always will. As a Member of our Coop, you have a right to decide on the topics that should matter to our society.

If you believe we should be doing more about food poverty, reducing our carbon footprint, or community matters, this is the chance to have your say at our Annual Meeting of Members (AMM)  and for your views to be heard.

Whether its about accessibility or share accounts, you can help change how we move forward as a business. Now, that is an empowering thought.


Belong with us.

Our Members are people from our community, just like you. All eligible Members are welcome to attend our Member meetings and get involved.

Anyone can become a Member. It doesn’t matter if you are a regular shopper with your Coop, or visit us once in a while. Whether you’re a proud ‘St Ouennais’ or ‘Hail from the Vale’, we only require three conditions if you want to become a Member:

  1. You are a permanent resident in the Channel Islands
  2. You are over sixteen
  3. You have at least one pound to open an account with

That’s it. Within a few days, we will send to you details of your new account with us and you can start quoting your share number for any qualifying purchases with us. Simple.

Get all the scoop on your Coop.

As a Member (and more importantly, a co-owner) of our Coop, you have the right to know about what is happening in your Society. Being at the AMM is the perfect opportunity to get up-to-date on all that is going on.

As much as having an insight into our financial reports, business updates and overall performance of the business, the AMM provides the opportunity to ask the important questions to key people of our Society, including executive management and board of directors.

Above all, we like to think of our AMM as being a perfect event for getting together again. It is a great opportunity to get networking, meeting and chatting with other Members, or just seeing our community uniting towards the same vision and values.

It’s not too late to join us for our first hybrid AMM event. Why not join us this year online or in-person and be a part of your Coop.