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Making lunchboxes healthy and fun

Making lunchboxes healthy and fun

20 August 2022

AS a community retailer, we encourage healthy eating and know its importance for good physical and mental wellbeing.

Introducing healthier food options into your family’s lunchboxes shouldn’t be a chore.

Why not try something a little different? Here are two of our favourite easy to make and lunchbox-friendly snacks.

Keeping your lunchbox fresh

Looking for ways to keep your lunch fresh and tasty?
Here's a few top tips which we have tried and tested ourselves. 

Goodbye, soggy sandwiches! 

  1. Keep it sealed:
    Sealed lunchboxes keep your food away from unnecessary bacteria. Our Sistema tubs are perfect for separating the contents of your lunchbox and keeping each individual item fresh.

  2. Ice, ice baby!:
    Ice packs are great for keeping food cool. Don’t have an ice pack? Freezing a water bottle not only provides a chilled drink but will also act as an ice pack.

  3. A natural preservative:
    Did you know the best way to keep your fruit fresh and juicy is by soaking it in cold water with 1/8 teaspoon of salt?

  4. Tuck in your fresh veg before tucking in:
    Keep your veggies crunchy by placing one damp paper towel at the base of the tub and one over the top.

  5. Be prepared:
    Always try to prepare lunches the night before and store them in the fridge. Cooked meat, eggs and dairy products need to cool down before being packed.

Get creative

There's no reason why your child's lunch can be fun and healthy.

Why not get your mini chef to help prepare their lunchbox for school and really get them involved in learning about good food and healthy eating?

Here's some creative ideas to try together: 

  1. Zebra sandwiches
    Switch up the sandwiches, one brown, one white, creating a zebra look.

  2. Make shapes
    Using a cookie cutter, create shapes such as stars out of fruit, veg and sandwiches.

  3. Add colour
    Try to make lunchboxes as colourful as possible. Different berries, fruit and veg are the perfect way to do this.

  4. Give them the choice
    Giving your little ones the ability to choose their own lunches from the products you have given them is a great way for them to feel like they are part of the process