Variety Star of the Year

Variety Star of the Year

We’ve sponsored the Variety Young Star of the Year awards since their inception.

Organised by local charity Variety The Children's Charity of Jersey, 2020 is the 10th year of the event. The awards celebrate the unsung heroes and brave young people within our community.

There are six awards:

  • Young Star of the Community
  • Young Star of Courage
  • Young Star Carer
  • Young Star of Sports
  • Young Star of the Arts
  • Young Star of Academia

One of these young people takes the overall top award, Young Star of the Year, winning £5,000 worth of Co-operative Travelmaker vouchers.

Nominations have now closed.

Meet previous winners

2018’s winner was Milo Baudains. He was given the top award for his dedicated and selfless daily care and support for his mum who became paraplegic after a riding accident.