There are a variety of tangible benefits to being a shareholding Member of The Channel Island's Co-operative Society. A 4% dividend on almost all purchases has been proposed at the Annual Meeting of Members for many years and was last paid in May 2017.

Dividend is declared at each AMM by the Society's Board of Directors, based upon that year's level of profitability. Each and every member has the right to attend an annual AMM and can apply to become a Director.

If you become a Member you can:  

Save an amazing 4% dividend every day with an additional 4% (double dividend) on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in our Grand Marché and Locale stores*
- Hand in completed stamp cards in December and get an additional 5%!
- Take out your dividend as Dividend Shopping Vouchers to make your cash worth 15% more!*
- Attend our Annual Meeting of Members!
- Become a Director!
- Save for Christmas using Society Christmas Club stamps!

*Double dividend not applicable in December
* Dividend Shopping Vouchers can be used in Homemaker only


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