Local Social Responsibility

We want to play a meaningful role in our community, especially in charity and environmental matters, so we support as many community projects in the Channel Islands as we can. 

How we help charities in the islands

From donating raffle prizes and holding bag packs in our stores, to supporting local environmental projects and sponsoring events, our support for the community is both constant and far-reaching.

During a typical year, we will donate to around 250 organisations, and allow around 100 charities to collect outside our stores or bag pack at our tills.

Find out more about our involvement with local charities and organisations >

Supporting local producers

We're passionate supporters of local suppliers and we're proud to work closely with local producers.

Buying locally not only supports our economy but helps care for the environment too.

Local Jersey Products

We supply the following product ranges in our stores (and many of them are Genuine Jersey members):

  Name Product sold

La Caroline Farm Beef
Hampton Farm Eggs
Happy Hens Eggs
Jersey Dairy Milk, yoghurt, creme fraiche, ice cream, butter and cream
Laurent Cohen Eggs 
Bakery Island Pride Bread
Vienna Bakery Bread
Produce Didier Hellio Vegetables and potatoes
Faulkner Fisheries Fish
Joe Freire Strawberries
Three Oaks Vineries  Tomatoes, peppers, Jersey royal new potatoes, cucumbers, courgettes and aubergines
Woodside Farm Root vegetables, greens and lettuce 
Ambient Bernie Morel Honey
La Mare Wine Estates Preserves
Alcohol La Mare Wine Estates Wine, brandy, cider and liquor
La Robeline Cider Company Cider
Jersey Brewery Mary Ann Beers and Liberation Ale 

Local Guernsey products

We supply the following product ranges in our stores:


  Name Product sold
Dairy      Castel Farm Eggs 
Guernsey Dairy Milk, cheese, ice cream, butter and cream
Torteval Cheese Cheese 
David Cowley Potatoes
Mrs Fiskins Pâté
Robert Waters Potatoes
Ambient Mrs C A Cloarec Guernsey Flower Bouquets