Preserving the local environment

Preserving the local environment

Looking after the local environment is so important to us at Coop, so we're always happy to support projects that help to preserve some of our gorgeous natural habitats. Have a scroll and read about what we've been up to in Jersey. 

Autumn 2023

St Clement Sports Club 

The training field needs to be rotavated, levelled, new grass sewn and maintained. 

Amount donated: £100


Jersey Barn Owl Conservation Trust 

Supporting the JSPCA with the longer-term care of Kestrels, Sparrow Hawks, Long-eared Owls, Buzzards, and Marsh Harriers, that are in distress. The funds will cover the feed for a year. 

Amount donated: £500


Jersey National Park

The Centre now attracts a growing multi use base of organisations from schools, holiday clubs, environmental organisations, well-being providers as well as corporate users (away days) Funding will cover the cost of a contractor to sand down and oil our 30-year-old wooden floor.

Amount donated: £2,000


Jersey Marine Conservation 

The aim of this project is to gather habitat and species data of our marine species, helping establish the proposed network of protected areas in Jersey’s territorial waters. Funding will support field research, confirming that protecting these sites will help reduce the decline in marine biodiversity, improve the sustainability of our waters as a food resource and enable the sea to absorb the gases that are accelerating climate change. 

Amount donated: £2,280


Many Happy Returns Jersey

We would like to buy 5 sets of heavy-duty shelving from B&Q which are £95 each and a hot water urn for approximately £125. 

Amount donated: £600


Spring 2023

Guide Dogs for the Blind Association - Jersey Branch 

Recycling donated books : Since 1994 we have been holding book sales to raise funds to train guide dogs and have raised £503,000 to date.  Funds to cover expenses relating to book sales

Amount donated: £564 


Jersey Rugby Football Club Minis & Juniors 

Training pitch hedge : Following the felling of the trees which bordered our training pitch, we’d like to plant a new hedge to provide protection from wind and improve the surrounding environment. 

Amount donated: £1200


Jersey Mencap 

Pond Project :  Students from Highlands College and Mont a l'Abbe school access sessions at the pond, spending time in nature and learning about land management. We would really like to enhance our site accessibility with the addition of an eco composting timber toilet. 

Amount donated: £1500 


Spring 2022

The National Trust for Jersey 

Volunteer Engagement. Engaging with the general public, corporates and other charities in conservation and habitat management. To purchase First aid kit, sun hat and sickles for volunteers 

Amount donated: £1,203


Carry in Cloth 

Cloth Nappy Scheme. To help encourage more parents to give cloth a go and help people on this scheme to choose to reuse. 

Amount donated: £600 


Autumn 2021

Many Happy Returns Jersey 

Many Happy Returns Jersey supplies reusable party kits to offer an accessible and easy way to avoid waste from disposables. Funds will help provide safe, secure storage for party items. 

Amount donated: £400* 


Spring 2021

Jersey Trees for Life

Purchase a fully lockable secure metal waterproof and fireproof storage unit, allowing the old, broken shed to be reused by the grounds team for shelter and wellbeing during increment weather.

Amount donated: £1,900


National Trust for Jersey

Purchase of equipment for the Plemont Seabird Project, which aims to set up an inter-Island long-term monitoring scheme for seabirds and mammals with the use of automated acoustic recorders.

Amount donated: £1,605



To purchase wildlife nets and soft carriers to assist with the rehabilitation of local wildlife such as garden birds, birds of prey and red squirrels.

Amount donated: £223*