Pre-paid plans

It’s just as important for us to provide value for money, as it is to provide the quality of service you expect at your time of need.

A prepaid plan not only gives you peace of mind, it will also ease the emotional and financial burden on your loved ones when the time comes.

Remember - society members also benefit from dividend on funeral costs.

To find out more about the financial benefits of organising a funeral with us, call De Gruchy's in Jersey on 01534 499444. 

We're available for you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Why you should choose a prepaid plan

Protect yourself from the rising cost of funerals

Since 2004, the cost of funerals has risen by 80%. One of the benefits of arranging your funeral now is that you can pay today’s prices.

We're one of the very few funeral care providers who will guarantee that both our fees and the disbursements (ie crematorium fees, doctors and clergy fees etc) are included in the plan at today’s prices.

Your family won’t have to pay for anything else at your time of passing, regardless of any price increases. 

Save your loved ones the emotional burden of planning your funeral

Pre-planning your funeral and paying for it now will make sure that your loved ones won’t have the emotional and financial burden of arranging your funeral at the time of your death.

At such a difficult time, it will be difficult for your family to make decisions and it may put them under even more stress trying to decide what you would have wanted.

You can have peace of mind that you've already paid for all the arrangements.

Plan the funeral to your own specifications

Prepaid plans let you design the event to your own specifications; you can make sure it's exactly how you want it to be.

Your loved ones will also feel comforted that you would be happy with the service.

Pre-planning your funeral is also a good idea if you have something a little more contemporary or personal in mind - like a life celebration - which are becoming increasingly popular.

Flexible payment options available

You can pay for a prepaid funeral with a single lump sum payment, or in regular monthly instalments (interest charges apply).

Financial security with Perfect Choice

Perfect Choice Funeral Plans provide all our prepaid funeral plans who hold all the monies deposited by our clients (excluding management fees) in a whole life assurance policy.

Simple and easy to arrange

You can take out a prepaid plan as long as you’re over the age of 18.

You don’t need to go through a medical check, and we’ll be able to make the arrangements at a time and place that suits you.

Get your dividend

If you’re a member of the Channel Islands Cooperative Society, you can get dividend on your plan once it’s paid in full.

This only applies to our services provided and not any third party costs.