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Swap to Fairtrade – for people and the planet

02 March 2021

Did you know that you can make a whole world of difference with something as simple as a cup of tea or coffee?

If your favourite product has got a Fairtrade logo, it means that is helping farmers and their families in developing countries get decent wages, safer working conditions, and sustainable practices. It is also helping us live in a fairer, better world.

Supporting Fairtrade is as easy as making a simple swap. Here are some of our recommended #FairtradeSwaps to try next time you’re in store.

Tea & Coffee

So many brands to choose from. It might be hard to swap, especially if you have a favourite. But for us, it’s got to be Fairtrade.

Our 99 blend tea bags are not only Fairtrade, but are working towards being plastic-free and more sustainable.

All our Co-op coffee - whether instant or coffee beans - is proudly sourced from Fairtrade farmers who are given a Premium for their product.


Person holding a mug with a Fairtrade logo on its front




We are proud that 100% of our own brand sugar is Fairtrade, supporting sugar cane farmers in Belize. We think that this is a sweet success of a #FairtradeSwap.

Harvesting sugar cane is a tough business, between competitive prices and unsustainable farming methods.

Fairtrade gives some security to farmers which in turn invests in more environmentally friendly ways of farming.


Cotton Wool

One you may not have expected. All our own-brand products with cotton have Fairtrade status, including our cotton buds and cotton pads.

Cotton production is linked to several environmental issues such as excessive use of chemicals and water on crops.

Fairtrade helps farmers to steer away from environmentally damaging methods.


Growers sorting through harvested cotton




Here’s one you might want to raise a glass to. All our own-brand wines have Fairtrade origins.

Why not try our delicious variety of red, white and rosé wines deriving from respected wine regions like Chile, Argentina or South Africa.

Fairtrade supports farmers in ensuring they have stringent environment and health measures in place.

Good for the planet. Good for the farmers. Good quality for you.


Bucket full of grapes from the vine


We source our vanilla from Fairtrade farmers in Madagascar. So, whenever you buy a product with our vanilla such as our ice cream, essences or flavours, you are choosing Fairtrade.

Farming vanilla pods can be a challenging. The crop takes considerable time and effort to produce. Fairtrade means vanilla farmers can invest in productivity, security and make a fair wage for their product. 


The cocoa in all our products is Fairtrade.

In recent years, cacao farmers in places like West Africa have been hit hard by financial and environmental consequences.
Cocoa trees have been affected by age and disease and the price of cocoa beans has plummeted, meaning less profit for farmers.

Buying Fairtrade means that farmers can afford to still make a wage despite these challenges.


Choose the world you want. Choose Fairtrade

 Choose the world you want